Once you complete the loan application process and fulfill all the required information related to the applicant and co-applicant, Please click on “submit the file for login” to submit your file to the lender. 


Below are the steps to submit the loan application to the lender – 



Once you have completed filling the customer’s Loan application, just view the application summary to verify all the details and click login.



You will see your lead created

Select & proceed with the one you want (Your default Lender is already selected)

Just fill in contact person & bank branch details

Press “Next” to give the required information to the lender which may include – Product Name, Source of the loan application, and Purpose of the Loan 



Do the loan calculations & go to the payment section

It’s time now you fill the login fee & upload the photo of the receipt


Lender Portal - 

Once you login the file, the lender partner receives an email from Saarathi with the details of the loan application file.