Use valid residence proof of the applicant under “RESIDENCE DETAILS”

  • Permanent residence proof  – Driving license / Voter Id / Aadhaar QR code / Others (Includes – The electricity bill, water bill, rent agreement, ration card, Phone Bill .etc)

  • Any address proof can be used to verify the address – for Driving license/voter Id / Aadhaar qr code. Id number must be typed down after selecting one of these options.

  • Address Pin code

  • Occupying for (in months)

  • Present address – Same as above – Yes/No.

If the present address is the same as the permanent address then select YES but if NO then below drop-down is showed:

  • Address proof image 

  • Address 

  • Pin code

  • Occupying for (in months)

  • Address Type – Owned / Rented / Family / Company Leased

  • Communication address – Permanent / Present