Channel partners can use the self-service portal option to get the documents digitally from the customers. 


Channel partner can request customer to send the documents via pdf or take pictures and send via mail. Saarathi encourages documents in pdf for a good clarity.

Getting Documents digitally from the customers -

While filling the customer's documents details in the loan application, the channel partner will see the below-mentioned options to upload the documents on the Saarathi app – 

  • Customer self-upload 
  • Upload now
  • Not available 

If the customer has shared the physical documents with the channel partner, then the channel partner can select the “Upload Now” option and click the live pictures of the customer's documents, and upload.

But, if the customer has not shared the documents with the channel partner, then the channel partner can get the documents from the customers digitally by selecting the “Customer self-upload” option.

When the channel partner selects the option of “Customer Self Upload” then the Saarathi system will send a unique link on the customer’s phone through SMS and the customer will log in to this link verified by the OTP and upload all the required documents.

Once the customer uploads all the documents, the system will show the success of the documents upload and after that loan application process will resume without any further follow-ups.