Click on the "+" button - Then there are six types of loans journeys will be visible - 

Select Secured loan & LAP - Then the "Basic Details" section appears where all the details are asked.

Select loan product type from the four options namely- 

  • Term loan
  • Overdraft
  • Line of credit 
  • Term loan + overdraft 

Next, select applicant type from- 

  • Salaried Individual
  • Entity & Self Employed Individual 

Depending on the selection relevant details will be asked by the system accordingly. 

If Entity option is selected, lead contact details will be asked like - 

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email &

Business details as in - 

  • Entity name
  • Loan amount required
  • Loan tenure (in months)
  • The proposed rate of interest 

Click on DONE and you will be directed to the anchor screen where "Basic Details" is green ticked, which means details are completely filled.